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Home Journal Archives Journal 93 - October 2012 Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War - Part 2

Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War - Part 2

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Part 2 of 2

Scots Guards

Cummings J.N.

 Wounded, re-joined R.I.C.


Royal Horse Guards

Ratcliffe Thomas

 Wounded, discharged medically unfit


Royal Field Artillery

McKeown Samuel



Royal Garrison Artillery

Cooper Alfred Henry

 Reported to have succumbed to influenza in France, served in Brown Square Station Belfast

McEvoy V.T.P.


Spratt Richard



Royal Army Medical Corps

Manning T.F.

 Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Ryan D.D.

 Wounded, re-joined R.I.C.


South Irish Horse

Brennan James

 Prisoner of war

Curley J.P.


Harpur J.J.T

 Prisoner of war

Kenny J.E.


Morgan Martin

 Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

O’Neill Denis

 Prisoner of war

Scott Gerald W


Stratford William A

 Obtained a commission

Wilson Sidney G

 Prisoner of war


North Irish Horse

Drennan Michael

 Prisoner of War

Hughes Robert


Jamison Robert W



King’s Liverpool Regiment

Taylor N.L.

 Gained a commission, killed


King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Johnston Robert

 Gained a commission


Manchester Regiment

McDonnell O.J.

 Re-joined R.I.C.


Officer’s Training Corps

Conlon James J.


Cummings David

 Commissioned Inns of Court O.T.C.

Dolan J.H

 Wounded, commissioned

Gouley Michael


Molloy Joseph P.



Connaught Rangers

Byrne James W,

135 E – Received a commission, severely wounded, granted the D.C.M. and a Parchment Certificate from General Hickie for conspicuous bravery


Grenadier Guards

Anderson G.J.

Wounded  West Yorkshire Regiment

McGrath William

Obtained a commission Military Mounted Police

Goodwin Robert  

Military Foot Police

Connolly Michael


Connor Stephen

Wounded, re-joined R.I.C.

Hewitt Thomas

Wounded Machine Gun Corps

Glover James

Discharged medically unfit


Dublin Metropolitan Police


Irish Guards

Allen Thomas

102 D – Wounded, transferred to Military Foot Police, then to 3rd Reserve Battalion, promoted corporal, wears the  Mons Star

Butler Thomas

134 B – Wounded, re-joined, promoted sergeant

Carroll James,

A Division – Wounded three times last occasion 22nd October 1918, now in hospital, promoted sergeant, received the Mons Star

Curtin Denis

74 A – Killed

Flanagan Patrick

155 A – Killed at Ypres 1914

Fogarty Patrick 

141 F – Wounded, prisoner of war, received the Mons Star

Hallahan Timothy

 J 116 D – Wounded 1916, gassed 1918

Kane Henry 

138 B – Wounded in the right thigh 1917, awarded Military Medal

Kavanagh Joseph

155 D – Wounded at Ypres, promoted sergeant

Kelly William

115 F – Killed 1915

McGregor Michael

168 A – A reservist called up August 1914, re-joined D.M.P. 23rd September 1918

Mara Michael

144 B – Wounded, discharged unfit for further  military service, re-joined D.M.P.

Murray Thomas

116 F – Wounded, re-joined D.M.P. after three years’ service

O’Connell Timothy

190 D – Missing since Battle of Loos 1915, presumed killed

Phelan James

101 B – Wounded, buried twice by bursting shells

Reilly Anthony

159 A – Wounded for the second time 21st August 1918 also gassed

Ryan Patrick

172 A - Killed

Shanahan William

68 A – Wounded, now attached to the Depot  Coldstream Guards

Fitzsimons Nicholas

113 B – Wounded, promoted sergeant  Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Boyd Robert

69 A – Killed

Parke William A,

111 E – Transferred to a labour corps, wounded, now in a Canadian Hospital in France


Royal Field Artillery

Burkett James J,

139 E – Stationed in Athlone Co. Westmeath

Carey Martin

53 A – Invalided from France, now on home service, wears the Mons Star

Carey John,

A Division  - Reservist, re-joined 5th August 1914, died in No 17 Casualty Clearing Station 19th October 1917 from wounds received in action

Kelly John J,

A Division – Served in Mesopotamia where he suffered from malaria, received the Mons Star

Rutherford Robert 

97 E – Promoted sergeant, wounded in the head by shrapnel July 1917, gassed October 1918, at present in a military hospital in Liverpool


Royal Garrison Artillery

Fitzgerald Henry

50 E – Serving in France with a Siege Battery of the R.G.A. when hostilities ceased

Ryan Patrick

47 A  - Wounded, re-joined D.M.P.


King Edward’s Horse

Healy Lawrence

145 A – Joined the King Edward’s Horse and while serving was awarded the Military Medal. Then selected for training for commissioned rank and now in training in an officer cadet battalion

Keeshan Daniel

115 A – Joined in April 1915, wounded, re-joined D.M.P. 8th November 1918

Neill Patrick

156 A – His horse being shot dead under him, the animal then falling crushed one of his feet, he was placed on home service in Kilkenny

Nicholls Henry

167 A – Joined April 1915, discharged unfit for further military duty and being found unfit for service in the D.M.P. was discharged on pension from the force 6th February 1918


Military Foot Police

Coulter James H

187 A – Sergeant in this corps, stationed in Dublin, has performed much important work for the military authorities


South Irish Horse

Byrne Thomas

195 B – Transferred to Royal Irish Regiment, prisoner of war in Gustrow Mecklenburg Germany

Newman William

171 C – Killed by a bursting shell 1917

O’Connell Timothy

171 C – Killed Battle of Loos 1915

Rooney John

89 E – Corporal attached to Dorset Yeomanry, serving in Egypt


Leinster Regiment

Cullen Michael

36 E – Transferred to Connaught Rangers, seriously wounded


Inniskilling Dragoons

O’Dowd Francis

45 F – Wounded at Cambrai is now attached to the 4th Reserve Cavalry Regiment Aldershot England


Worcestershire Regiment

Gregory Frederick

208 D  - A sergeant drummer, he suffered from trench feet in 1916, now attached to another regiment in France


Lancashire Fusiliers

Dunleavy Charles

39 E – Originally attached to the Royal Engineers, obtained a commission and gazetted to the Lancashire Fusiliers. Since wounded and gassed, was on the incoming boat the evening of the Leinster disaster on sick leave. He was invested with the Military Cross by the King at Buckingham Palce in November 1918


Rifle Brigade

Lynch Bartholomew P

137 E – Killed on the Somme 1916

Home Journal Archives Journal 93 - October 2012 Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War - Part 2

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