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Home Journal Archives Journal 92 - March 2012 Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War

Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War

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Part 1 of 2

Royal Irish Constabulary

Enlisted 696, Killed 143,Wounded  182, Missing 4, Prisoners 23

Medals and Distinctions - 4 D.C.M.’S, 1 Military Cross, 24 Military Medal’s, 4 Medal Militaire, 44 Commissions



Dublin Metropolitan Police

Enlisted 55, Killed 10, Prisoners 1

Medals and Distinctions - 1 D.C.M., 4 Military Medals, 4 Mons Stars, 4 Commissions


R.I.C. Officers


Burke,  Major F.C.

Connaught Rangers  - Dangerously wounded 21st August 1915 at the Wells of Kabak Kuyu Suvla Bay. On recovering from his wounds was appointed Intelligence Officer at the Curragh to 59th and 65th Divisions. On being recalled to the force was selected by Brigadier General  J.A.Byrne C.B. to fill the responsible post of Adjutant at the R.I.C. Depot


Carlisle, Captain D.W.

Royal Garrison Artillery – Appeared in a casualty list as severely wounded

Davies, Major C.F.F.

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers – Wounded while serving in Salonika, awarded the decoration of the Serbian White Eagle with Swords, subsequently moved to France. Second in command 5th Connaught Rangers .

Foley, Major G.R.E.

Royal Irish Regiment – Most of whose service has been spent in the East,

Holmes, Major P.A.

Royal Irish Regiment – Having been severely gassed was sent to a hospital in England, later he was attached to the Royal Irish Rifles and soon in the firing line again, when he was severely wounded in the head and arm. Again fit and well he is serving as Intelligence Officer at the Curragh.

Jackson, Captain F.

Royal Irish Fusiliers – Badly wounded in the early stages of the war, did valuable work in training young officers, received a Staff appointment which he still holds in the War Office, attached to the Intelligence Branch.

Martin, Captain C.P.

Royal Irish Regiment – Severely wounded in action, is now convalescent and reported to soon re-join the force.

Regan, Captain J.M.

African Rifles – Twice mentioned in despatches , awarded Military Medal and is stated to have accepted permanent appointment to Captaincy in the Army.

Rigg, Major W.T.

Royal Irish Rifles – Three times wounded and awarded the Croix de Guerre for gallantry.

Rodwell, Major G D’U

Acted in the capacity of Instructor of Musketry in the first years of the war, was appointed A.P.M. to the 57th Division in France.

Viller, Captain R.P.

Liverpool Regiment – Who served in County Clare, Kerry and Cork, appeared in a recent casualty list as killed whilst gallantly leading his men.


Non-Commissioned Officers and Men


Irish Guards

Allingham Robert C.


Bell George R.

Previously wounded, now killed

Bell John

Wounded, has re-joined R.I.C.  Served in the County Down force.

Bergin Michael


Black Daniel

Gained the Military Medal and given a commission

Bowler P.J.

Discharged medically unfit and re-joined the R.I.C.

Boyle Farigle

Wounded, discharged medically unfit, re-joined the R.I.C.

Bray H

Promoted sergeant, awarded the D.C.M.

Brien John J


Brien Patrick

Awarded Military Medal, has re-joined the R.I.C.

Browne Mark W

Several times wounded, won Military Medal, has been promoted Quartermaster-Sergeant, served in County Down Force.

Buckley John

Held the rank of sergeant in R.I.C. Volunteered several times before receiving permission to serve, refused a commission, but accepted sergeant’s rank, badly wounded. Discharged medically unfit and re-joined R.I.C.

Cantwell Henry


Carey Daniel


Carr William


Carroll John

Wounded, discharged medically unfit, has re-joined R.I.C.

Chestnut William T

Wounded, re-joined R.I.C.  Served in Belfast force

Church Joseph

Discharged medically unfit

Clancy Patrick J

Wounded and gassed. One of Belfast R.I.C. volunteers from Henry Street Barracks, was a sergeant in the Guards

Clarke Patrick M

Reported missing, now reported killed

Considine Michael

Discharged medically unfit

Corcoran Thomas

Killed, joined up from Castlewellan Station. He was the last of three constables who volunteered from that station to make the supreme sacrifice, The other two were Constables Cowper and Heancy

Coulter Alexander


Cronin James

Wounded, discharged medically unfit

Dempsey John

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.  Formerly served in Belfast

Devaney B


Doherty Michael

Wounded, discharged medically unfit

Dolan Charles

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Dowling A.M.


Dwyer Bernard

Received Military Cross

English J

Killed, held the rank of Corporal

Fallon Thomas

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Finlay O.M.


Flower William J

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Friel Michael

Prisoner of war

Gavin Thomas

Discharged medically unfit

Glynn Martin

Wounded, has been given a commission

Greally John

Has been given a commissioned rank and gazetted to the Indian Army. Member of Belfast City force

Healy Richard

Wounded, son of the late Sergeant Healy of Kinlough Co.Leitrim

Henahan Patrick


Hewitt T

Wounded by shell 1917 and again in 1918, at present in hospital

Hickson T W

Wounded, discharged medically unfit

Hillock Edward

Wounded, won Military Medal for bravery, taken prisoner of war

Hunter William

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Hurley Michael

Wounded, given a commission

Joyce Patrick

Awarded Military Medal, was stationed in Mountpottinger Barracks

Kavanagh Michael

Discharged medically unfit

Kavanagh T.P.

Wounded, discharged medically unfit

Keeffe Patrick

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Kinsellagh Patrick

Wounded, taken prisoner

Lafferty Bernard


Lavelle John

Formerly of Cullingtree Road Barracks, accepted for service early in the war

Lavin Patrick


Lennon Patrick

Wounded, re-joined R.I.C.

Logan Daniel

Wounded, discharged medically unfit, has died of pneumonia

McAdoo Samuel


McCarthy Timothy

Wounded, received a commission

McCaughey Michael F

Gained a commissioned rank and posted to Indian Army. He belonged to the Co.Cavan force.

McKinney Michael

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

McNamara Patrick

Gained a commission

MaGuire James

Won the Military Medal , discharged unfit for further military service

Masterson P.J.

Wounded, has obtained a commission

Moody Thomas


Morris John

Prisoner of war

Murphy M.J.

Killed in action, son of the late Head Constable Murphy of Downpatrick, was attached to Glenravel Street Barracks Belfast and formerly at Depot

Murphy W.J.

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Nolan Peter A

Awarded Military Medal for gallantry 15th September 1916 and the first bar in December 1916, gained the second bar for supreme gallantry during the battle of Cambrai November 1917. He was then acting as company sergeant-major and almost immediately on going over the top his Captain the Hon. H.A.V.S. Harmsworth M.C. was knocked out, Nolan’s superiors all being killed he took command and led the men on to their objective a distance of one and a quarter miles from the starting point. During this advance his escapes were miraculous, his equipment being blown off his back and his rifle smashed in his hand. We regret to record that the brave Nolan has made the supreme sacrifice but not before he had received the Distinguished Conduct Medal. His mother Mrs Nolan of Woodview Omagh, wife of Mr Martin Nolan ex-Sergeant R,I,C, In November 1918 received a bequest of £50 from the estate of Captain Harmsworth who left the legacy to Sergeant Peter Nolan.

O’Dea Timothy

Killed, awarded the Military Medal

Ormsby J.J.


Prunty Joseph P

Prisoner of war

Purdy W.R. McD.

Wounded, awarded the Military Medal

Rainey William J

Killed, one of three soldier sons, two killed, third awaiting discharge on account of wounds, sons of Mr & Mrs George Rainey Garvaghey Ballygawley Co.Tyrone

Regan John

Gained Distinguished Conduct Medal

Shine Peter

Wounded and missing, now reported killed

Spraggit J.E.


Tease J.G.

Wounded a third time and gassed, son of ex-Sergeant William Tease Kells Co.Meath, served in Mountpottinger Belfast

Waters Edward

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

White Joseph

Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Wren Edward

Killed, was stationed at Streamstown Co.Westmeath


Royal Irish Rifles

Hannah Henry H

Held sergeant’s rank in R.I.C.

Hilliard George

Wounded, held sergeant’s rank in R.I.C.

Howe Charles


Jones William J

Wounded, received a commission

Peters John

Sergeant became musketry instructor in the Royal Irish Rifles, and promoted sergeant in the R.I.C.  Volunteered in 1914 for active service, had served in the Boer War

Thompson R.A.J.

Wounded, formerly in the Irish Guards, but obtaining a commission and was transferred to the Royal Irish Rifles

Trotter Thomas J


Wilson J.J.



Royal Irish Regiment

Carney M.J

 Held sergeants rank in the R.I.C.

Fahy Thomas

 Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Mahony Patrick

 Prisoner of war

Reilly Edward

 Prisoner of war

Taylor Patrick

 Twice wounded once severely, received a commission


Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Barr Jeremiah

 Wounded, has had service in Salonica, Palestine and France, is a brother of Constable James Barr Dungannon, served in Newtownstewart

Bergin John J


Boyle Hugh P


McKeen John C

 Was given a commission, won the Military Cross

McKenzie Martin


McQuillan James


Mullaney Hubert


Murtagh James

 Wounded, discharged medically unfit, re-joined  R.I.C.


Leinster Regiment

Conlon James J.

 Wounded, belonged to the Connaught’s, was attached to the Leinster Regiment, a native of Castlerea, served in Cavan and Co.Armagh, obtained a commission

Minnock Andrew


Moloney Thomas


O’Connell M.W.


Ryan James

 Killed, obtained a commission, was acting Captain, wounded six times. Ryan was a contributor to both home and foreign magazines being a poet of a high order of merit, born in Wexford, he joined the R.I.C. in 1906


Royal Munster Fusiliers

Brennan James

 Gained a commission

Casey William


Cremin Daniel


Fitzgerald Michael

 Gained a commission

Gallivan Michael

 Gained a commission

Good James


Loftus Patrick

 Gained a commission

Mahony Jeremiah

 Prisoner of war

Moroney Timothy



Royal Irish Fusiliers

Bannon Thomas H.


Beirne Patrick


Callaghan John


Cole Michael A

 Wounded, won Military Medal and a commission

Graham E M’I

 Commissioned, later taken prisoner

Igoe John P

 Discharged medically unfit

Newman J.R.

 Discharged medically unfit

Scanlon Michael J

 Discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Scott Hugh

 Prisoner of war

Short John

 Wounded, given a commission

Ward William P

 Wounded, discharged medically unfit, re-joined R.I.C.

Home Journal Archives Journal 92 - March 2012 Record of Irish Police Force in the Great War

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